5.Dark Road

Lights that glow in the dark
You can not illuminate all
Back is deep darkness, the front is clearly shallow

Where depressed from now
Either front or right or left?
I do not come back
It's only proceed single-mindedly

Darkness remains darkness
Go steeped in more jet black
Darkness becomes deeper as of my heart

Complex as a simple
But fear is creating a wall
Although easy to break it can, it would easily built

stupidity repeating
You can not learn
You are not even aware of
It's if definitely not known

I do not want to regret
Do not live to regret in

Your selection leads to all the results
Always back to back with the fact that can not be bent to erase

You are in the branch before the Dark Lord
And we will learn a lot from the darkness of the alley

stupidity repeating
Do you learn to?
You are not even aware of
I do accept it if not known

I do not want to regret
Do not step into this road
until regret to